Museo Maya de América, published by SA+P Press, MIT School of Architecture and Planning

HGS thanks Coryn Kempster and Julia Jamrozik for featuring the 'Museo Maya de América' in in 'Public Space? Lost and Found'. Produced by the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology, SA+P Press, MIT School of Architecture and Planning, 2017, p.229-233

Harry Gugger, OnArchitecture Interview

Harry Gugger, Interview, OnArchitecture.

Watch the full interview, filmed and edited by Plan Comun for OnArchitecture, here.

HGS submits building application for Langenhagweg Residential Development

The plans for four apartment blocks housing 52 apartments were submitted on 30th of June. The development in the outer suburbs of Basel stands beside an earlier HGS project on Steinbühlweg. Building markers are presently in place to delineate the building volume to the neighbourhood.

Silo Erlenmatt

HGS reveals new designs for the refurbishment and conversion of the Silo Erlenmmatt building in Basel.

Frongarten St. Gallen

HGS proposal ‘plug and play’ to be completed in 2020

The Exchange coming to completion in Vancouver is more than half leased

“Vancouver’s office market makes a comeback […]”
The Exchange is arguably the best example of collaborative modern and historic architecture in Canada, and it boasts a world-class location,” said Salim Sayani, president of Executive Group, which recently opened hotels in New York and Toronto. “The Exchange’s design team has done an amazing job integrating state-of-the-art technology with space-planning strategies.”

Frongarten St. Gallen
5th April 2017

HGS wins competition for a new office building for medisuisse in Frongartenstrasse, St. Gallen.
Placed in a business area close to the historical city centre, the volume completes the urban block while underlining its own identity. The building is to be realised with an innovative prefabricated wood system which facilitates the construction process in a plot with difficult access and provides flexibility for the office space.

Frongarten St. Gallen

The Exchange tops out
3rd April 2017

The Exchange

Photo by Herbert Meier

Studio Basel
March 2017

Harry Gugger Studio publishes competition entry for Studio Basel Bruderholz housing development.

Studio Basel Bruderholz

Viscosi-Stadt Atelier Building, Construction start
30th January 2017

Construction of the new building 744 for the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts has started. Following the gutting and removal of hazardous materials demolition of the existing building 744 and the former „Pilothalle“ on the Viscosistadt campus in Emmenbrücke is now in progress.

The Exchange- Building Progress
27th January 2017

Harry Gugger has visited the construction site of the Exchange building in Vancouver to witness the topping out of his first high rise building development in North America. The office tower in the heart of the financial district will be Canada's first LEED Platinum rated heritage restoration building. Its full completion is scheduled for late 2017.

Viscosi-Stadt Atelier Building, Application granted
16th January 2017

The council of Emmenbrücke and the canton Lucerne have granted planning permission for Harry Gugger Studio to design building 744 for the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences on the Viscosistadt campus.

After the construction of the new building 744 in combination with its adjacent existing building 745, the new home of the entire Arts and Design Department will be completed, consolidating teaching, atelier and workshop-spaces on location.

Spenglerpark high-rise moves forward
10th January 2017

The building conservation and landscape preservation commission of the canton Basel-Land has given the green light to the detailed development of the 100m high-rise proposal for the Spenglerpark site in Münchenstein. This will enable us to commence with development of the local masterplan and Harry Gugger Studio will undertake further work on the preliminary design stage.

Schweizweit 'Blind Dates'
16th February 2017

Harry Gugger will be participating in discussion series of the ‘Schweizweit’ Exhibition called ‘Blind Dates’, open to the public on the 16th February 2017 at 6.30 pm.

Blind Date 2 | S AM

Swissmetal-Areal Dornach, Invited Urban Study
January 2017

Harry Gugger Studio is invited to participate in the Urban Study for ‘Swissmetal-Areal’, an extensive industrial area in Dornach, that is to be converted to a new mixed-use neighborhood.

Laba EPFL publishes: ‘Venice Lessons - Industrial Nostalgia’, Teaching and Research in Architecture
20th November 2016

Bau 744 clears political hurdle
30th September 2016

The "Konkordatsrat", the board of directors of the six central Swiss universities have given the green light for the development of the new building 744 in the Viscosistadt campus of Emmenbrücke. Harry Gugger Studio will now hand in the planning application for the project which will be built adjacent to the existing building 745 which already houses departments of the Faculty of Arts and Design of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. The completion of the project is scheduled for 2019.

Transitlager Completion
18th August 2016

The "Transitlager" in the Dreispitz cultural quarter of Basel is completed. Harry Gugger Studio executed the redevelopment project of a disused warehouse with Bjarke Ingles Group for Halter AG Gesamtleistungen Zürich.

Photo by Laurian Ghinitoiu

ETH Zürich HPQ Laboratory and Office Building
16th August 2016

Harry Gugger Studio has been awarded 3rd prize in the competition for a new HPQ Laboratory and Office Building at the ETH Zürich.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Competition on Exhibition
June 2016

In collaboration with David Chipperfield Architects, Robbrecht en Daem architecten, Vogt Landscape Architects, Arup, Publica, and Alinea Consulting, Harry Gugger Studio's competition submission for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is currently featured in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.

The exhibition is open from June 13 and runs until August 21 2016.

Royal Academy

Conversion of Former Silo Basler Lagerhausgesellschaft on Erlenmatt East to Start June 2016

Harry Gugger Studio, together with Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure and Waldhauser + Hermann Engineers has been entrusted with the reconstruction of an early reinforced concrete Silo Building that dates back to 1912. Following the ideas of Stiftung Habitat, the Silo is to become a “Cosmopolitan House,” that includes dining options, a hostel, and studio spaces amongst other activities. Completion is expected early 2019.

 / Stiftung Habitat
 / Erlenmatt Ost

The Exchange – Construction Site Progress
June 2016

After extensive work below ground, the tower of “The Exchange“ finally begins to rise into the air in Downtown Vancouver. The office complex for Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund International and SwissReal was developed in collaboration with Iredale Group Architecture and is due to open in the summer of 2017.

Testplanung Binningen Press
11th May 2016

May 11st, 2016; Press release BAZ: Parliament Approves Campus in the Center. The proposal by Harry Gugger Studio and Westpol Landschaftsarchitektur will be pursued.

Parliament Approves Campus in the Center

Testplanung Binningen: The Answers
31st March 2016

Three teams: Harry Gugger Studio, Sauter Von Moss, and Edelaar Moseyabi Inderbitzin Architekten have been invited to develop concrete visions for an attractive centre for Binningen with additional space for schools.
A Vernissage with an introduction by Jury President Michael Koch will occur on March 31, 2016 at 6pm at the Kronenmattsaal, Weihermattstrasse 10.

An exhibition will run from April 4 to the 15th at the lobby of the Gemeindeverwaltung Binningen, Curt Goetz-Strasse 1.

Industrial Nostalgia
15th December 2015

Symposium, December 15th, 2015
An event between Laba EPFL and Universita IUAV de Venezia.

The Exchange – Construction Site Progress
November 2015

The structure of the Exchange Tower in Vancouver is progressing well into the air. Careful renovation of the existing Old Stock Exchange of the site is ongoing. The complex for Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund International and SwissReal was developed in collaboration with Iredale Group Architecture is due to open in the summer of 2017.

9th Architecture Talk
15th November 2015

Architecture Conversation Einsiedeln, Which Competitions?

University of Basel Department of Biomedicine
November 2015

Harry Gugger Studio has been awarded 6th prize in the competition for a new Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel.

Limmatfeld Elderly Home and
Sheltered Housing Completed
21st October 2015

Harry Gugger Studio has completed the construction and execution of two buildings just outside of Zurich within the new Limmatfeld Masterplan.

Photo by Florian Amoser

Transitlager Tops Out
October 2015

Earlier this month, the final core and parapets on the Transitlager project have been poured. Harry Gugger Studio was invited by BIG, Copenhagen and Halter AG as a reliable and skilled partner to collaborate as the executive architect for the project, overseeing the construction process and implementing the design intent of the original competition-winning proposal. The building for Balintra AG, a real estate company of the UBS (CH) Property Fund – Swiss Mixed “Sima”, is due for completion in the autumn of 2016.

Harry Gugger Studio Office Trip
October 2015

Greetings from the Alps.
A postcard image from our recent studio trip.

ICELAND Book Launch
1st October 2015

We kindly invite you to join us for the launch of Icelandic Lessons the latest publication of laba’s work on Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 18:00

Icelandic Lessons, Industrial Landscape
Park Books

Introduction by Harry Gugger, EPFL Laboratoire Bâle (laba)
Lecture by Günther Vogt, Landscape Architect, Zürich
Zwischen Sagas und Pop
Christoph Merian Verlag
Introduction by Jurriaan Cooiman and Ursula Giger

Impro by Garðar Eðvaldsson, Saxophone
In presence of Illugi Gunnarsson, Culture Minister of Iceland 
Hosted by laba and  CULTURESCAPES ISLAND 2015

The launch will be held at:
Ackermannshof, Druckerei
St. Johanns-Vorstadt 19-21
4056 Basel
Admission is free

Best regards,
Prof. Harry Gugger and the laba team

The Exchange — Façade Mock-Up & Site Progress
October 2015

The facade mock-up for the Exchange Tower in Vancouver has been completed. Construction work is progressing well on the tower foundations and the careful renovation of the existing Old Stock Exchange building on site. The complex for Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund International and SwissReal and developed in collaboration with Iredale Group Architecture is due to open in the summer of 2017.

Urban Lab+ London Symposium
September 2015

Harry Gugger will be giving a talk on the occasion of the Urban Lab+ London Symposium hosted by UCL on 16-17 September 2015.
Registration is free and more information can be found at the link below.

Urban Lab+ London Symposium

Transitlager — Construction Site Progress
June 2015

The first of five new cores on the Transitlager project currently under construction in Basel is nearing completion on schedule. Harry Gugger Studio was invited by BIG, Copenhagen and Halter AG as a reliable and skilled partner to collaborate as the executive architect for the project, overseeing the construction process and implementing the design intent of the original competition-winning proposal. The building for Balintra AG, a real estate company of the UBS (CH) Property Fund – Swiss Mixed “Sima”, is due for completion in the autumn of 2016.

laba Iceland Field Trip & Symposium Industrial Landscape
10th February 2015

Tuesday, 10.02.2015, 10.00am
A Territorial Constitution for Iceland
Iceland Academy of the Arts

laba’s study trips are a crucial part of the studio, and they always take place between semesters: after students have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the site, through data studies and cartographic material, they can now confront this research with a personal experience of the place, and scout locations for future projects. The field trip to Iceland will take place February 3rd–10th 2015, and will include a workshop and a symposium in Reykjavík, organized in collaboration with the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

Museo Maya de América Becomes Virtually Real
December 2014

London, Basel, Boston, Guatemala City

Neutral Studio in London has used the Museo Maya de América to develop a new milestone in architecture representation: the Museo Maya suite of apps. Spearheading development of the interactive architecture genre, Neutral has expanded on their convergent app platform with the launch of a full virtual reality solution that is optimised to run on desktop and mobile platforms.
The new suite of apps forms a digital museum guide and research tool. The apps enable users to not only experience the architecture of the museum, but also to explore its extensive collection of Mayan artefacts in 3D, providing them with options to view in-depth catalogue information and 3D-print.
At the forefront of 3D developments, Neutral has additionally created the first fully convergent suite of apps to support the Oculus Rift VR technology.
The new Museo Maya de América is among the most ambitious cultural projects under development in Central America. Designed by Harry Gugger Studio in collaboration with over,under, it is planned to house one of the world’s most significant collections of objects, artefacts, artworks, textiles and knowledge relating to the history and culture of the Mayan Civilisation.
Located on the northern edge of L’Aurora Park in Guatemala City, the new museum will form the culmination of a cultural axis that includes the Guatemalan Museum of Contemporary Art and the Children’s Museum. This dense cluster of cultural institutions, in tandem with the large open spaces of the adjacent parkland will become a new focal point for tourists and residents alike.

Video link

3 Houses in Allschwil completed
6th December 2014

Open House and Apéro at Steinbühlweg 76 - 80 in Allschwil.

Competition Campus Rosental
March 2014

Invited competition, 11.2013 - 03.2014
University Building and Dentistry Teaching Clinic, Basel.

Museo Maya de América is featured as one of the ‘Museums of the Future’
November 2014

The Telegraph
Museo Maya de América, developed together with Boston based over, under architects, is featured in the Telegraph as one of fifteen ‘Museums of the Future’.

The Telegraph: Museums of the future

Lecture: “Common Ground, Rethinking the Zentralfriedhof-Cemetery”
20th November 2014

With Harry Gugger and Benoît Jacques, Architectural Student at the EPFL Lausanne.

Architectural Student Benoît Jacques reinterprets the idea of “Common Grounds” and presents his utopian scenario for the cemetery at Sihlfeld.

Interview - Harry Gugger, Tages Anzeiger, 19.09.2014

Feasibility Study, Hangartner-Areal, Aarau
April 2015

Invited Study, 11.2014 - 04.2015
The proposal by Harry Gugger Studio in collaboration with Rotzler Krebs Partner landscape architects was selected by the judging committee and Hanimob AG. The concept is chosen to be advanced as the planning process moves forward.

8th Architecture Talk
15th November 2014

Architecture Conversation Einsiedeln,
Urban planning in Switzerland?


Facade of High Density Housing in Allschwil near completion
20th June 2014

Construction site update.

Project “Vision 2033” for Papieri development in Biberist (SO) has been made public
16th June 2014

The “Papieri” in Biberist is to be transformed from its current use as a papermill into a mixed neighborhood with various activities. The owner HIAG Immobilien commissioned five architecture offices, including Harry Gugger Studio, to elaborate a future vision for the area. The different projects and the result of the study have been presented to the general public on site at the end of May.

Sustainable construction in the focus
of real estate investments
June 2014

The Exchange is featured as part of an article on sustainable & energy efficient construction in the NZZ Special Edition "Immobilien", dated May 28th, 2014.

2nd Prize in Selected Competition
Schöpflin Areal Lörrach
24th May 2014

Harry Gugger Studio together with landscape architects Studio Vulkan have been awarded the 2nd prize in the selected competition to design a new sports hall and housing in Brombach, DE.

Limmatfeld Dietikon Update
16th May 2014

Runway clear towards the Mediterranean – Switzerland and her audacious dreams
9th May 2014

May 9th, 2014 at 18h00
A discussion with architect Harry Gugger and sociologist Verena Tobler. Kulturhaus Helferei, Kirchgasse 13, 8001 Zurich
conference in German.

Kulturhaus Helferei

S AM conference
“Switzerland – Spacial state of affairs”
26th April 2014

April 26th, 2014 at 9h - 18h30, Ackermannshof ; St. Johanns-Vorstadt 19-21, Basel
Harry Gugger will take part in conference and panel discussion.

Link to S AM website for more information

Museo Maya de América presented at MIT
18-19th April 2014

Symposium "Public Space? Lost & Found"
Media Lab, MIT, Cambridge MA

Coryn Kempster presented the Museo Maya de America at “Public Space? Lost & Found”, a symposium that investigated definitions of public space across disciplines and the tools, tactics and consequences of reclaiming public space through art and architecture.

Museo Maya de América wins BSA Award 2013
14th April 2014

Honor Award 2013 by the Boston Society of Architects in the category "Unbuilt Architecture and Design".

More information

Topping-out of the housing complex at Steinbühlweg in Allschwil
21st March 2014

The last of the 3 buildings of the housing complex has successfully topped-out. The building schedule is on track and completion is planned for autumn 2014.

How will 14 million people be living and working in Switzerland in 2048?
18th March 2014

6pm, Book Launch - EPFL laba lecture hall.
Swiss Lessons presents the findings of laba’s research on the Swiss territory as imagined for 2048 in texts, images, graphics and maps.
Eds: Harry Gugger, Aurélie Blanchard Authors: Götz Menzel, Gwendolyn Kerschbaumer Graphic design: Ludovic Balland.
Introduction by Harry Gugger, laba EPFL, and Thomas Kramer,Park Books Lecture “Population growth as a driver of spatial development in Switzerland”
by Daniel Müller-Jentsch, Avenir Suisse

The Exchange Breaks Ground, Vancouver, CA
23rd January 2014

The groundbreaking ceremony for Harry Gugger Studio’s first building to be built in North America was held this morning in Vancouver, Canada. ‘The Exchange’ tower, scheduled for completion in 2016, will be the first LEED Platinum Heritage Conversion in Canada and at 31 floors will also be Harry Gugger Studio’s first high-rise building to begin construction.
Studio Director Harry Gugger attended the ceremony along with representatives from the joint-owners – Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund International and SwissReal, Architect-of-Record – Iredale Group Architecture, Contractor – PCL, Project Managers – MKT and other members of the project design team.

“Art + Architecture:
Building Museums for the Future”
16th January 2014

Lecture at the LA Art Show 2014
Harry Gugger will be discussing the development of museum design in his lecture “Art + Architecture: Building Museums for the Future” as part of the forthcoming Los Angeles Art Show on Thursday 16th January at 2pm in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“Designing spaces for a public art collection is a complex process that has to consider many, sometimes conflicting parameters. A museum is expected to become an art piece in itself, grow attendance, and eventually become a destination for tourism. But it also has to stand the tests of time, house a collection in perpetuity, reflect and respect the community and the collection it serves in addition to incorporating room for growth. Learn how some very different institutions are tackling these challenges and are building museums for the future”.

3rd Prize Commissioned Study Fleischbachstrasse, Reinach, BL
4th December 2013

The jury praised the contribution of Harry Gugger Studio and Ganz Landscape Architects for our urban study of a residential development on Fleischbachstrasse in Reinach, Basel-Land.

Construction Site Update
Steinbühlweg, Allschwil, BL
27th November 2013

Construction continues on the residential development in Allschwil. The structure is fully in place and the windows are now installed.

Limmatfeld Dietikon
12th November 2013

Laying of the Foundation Stone

The Most Beautiful German Books 2013
June 2013

laba’s recent publication ‘Barents Lessons’ was one of 25 winners of the ‘Most Beautiful German Books 2013’. The Book Art Foundation (Stiftung Buchkunst) honors the finest and most innovative books in 2013, exemplary in design, design and workmanship.

HGS visits Gallery Xavier Hufkens
20th June 2013

HGS makes an office trip to Brussels and visits the newly finished project of the “Second Gallery Space Xavier Hufkens” and it’s current exhibition “Robert Mapplethorpe, Au Début (works from 1970 to 1979).”

Xavier Hufkens Gallery

Laban +10 Celebration
25th April 2013

It is 10 years since the inauguration of the Laban Dance Centre, a project developed and realized by Harry Gugger as a partner of Herzog de Meuron. Its constructors and users celebrated the building together at an event on the 25th of April.
Rob Leslie-Carter
“…it was just fabulous to see so many people who had spent so much time working on the project ten years on – mostly having moved on a couple of chapters professionally, but still enjoying the nostalgia of being part of a great team and a truly great project for an extraordinary organisation.”

Opening Gallery Xavier Hufkens
16th April 2013

The inaugural show ‘The end of the beans’ by Harold Ancart has opened Xavier Hufkens second gallery space in Brussels. The exhibition runs until May 25th, 2013.

Xavier Hufkens Gallery

3rd prize Competition Hotel and Park ‘Sidebütel’
12th April 2013

Harry Gugger Studio has won 3rd prize with the project ‘Sidebütel’ in the open competition for a new hotel and park in Heiden, Appenzell, CH.

Completion Gallery Xavier Hufkens
April 2013

Harry Gugger Studio is proud to announce the completion of a new exhibition space for Gallery Xavier Hufkens in Brussels. The first exhibition by Harold Ancart is titled ‘The end of the beans’ and will open on the 16th April.

Xavier Hufkens Gallery

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2012
March 2013

laba’s recent publication ‘Barents Lessons’ was one of eighteen winners of the ‘Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2012’.

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